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Analyzing Big Data in R using Apache Spark BDU

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About This Course

Master Apache Spark, a popular cluster computing framework used for performing large scale data analysis. SparkR provides a distributed data frame API that enables structured data processing with a syntax familiar to R users.
  • Learn why R is a popular statistical programming language with a number of extensions that support data processing and machine learning tasks.
  • Learn how SparkR, an R package that provides a light-weight frontend, uses Apache Spark from R.

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1 - Introduction to SparkR
    1. Learn what SparkR is
    2. Understand why you would use SparkR
    3. List the features of SparkR
    4. Understand the interfaces into SparkR
  • Module 2 - Data manipulation in SparkR
    1. Understand how to use dataframes
    2. Learn to select data
    3. Learn to filter data
    4. Learn to aggregate data
    5. Learn to operate on columns
    6. Understand how to write SQL queries
  • Lab 1 - Getting started with SparkR
  • Lab 2 - Data manipulation in SparkR
  • Module 3 - Machine learning in SparkR
    1. Understand machine learning
    2. Learn how to use GLM model
  • Lab 3 - Linear models in SparkR

Recommended skills prior to taking this course

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Course Staff

Alan Barnes

Alan Barnes

Alan Barnes is a Senior IBM Information Management Course Developer / Consultant. He has worked in several companies as a Senior Technical Consultant, Database Team Manager, Application Programmer, Systems Programmer, Business Analyst, DB2 Team Lead and more. His career in IT spans more than 35 years.

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    3 hours